Transportation will be provided to students at their cost from the nearest suitable point depending upon the distance of the route. Vehicles are fitted with speed governors for safety & are staffed with a helper on board to ensure care during the travel. Because we understand there are many challenges faced by both local & relocating families. School’s transportation Department will make every effort to make provide arrangements for your children from their first day of school.

Transport Policy:

  1. Riding the school bus is a privilege.
  2. Student riding the bus must adhere safety and behavior guidelines.
  3. Students are expected to at the stop 10 minutes prior to the assigned pick up time.
  4. Buses will not wait for students to walk to the stop as this impedes traffic flow and schedules.
  5. Students are expected to sit in an assigned seat talk quietly, and follow the driver’s directions. Standing, yelling, making inappropriate comments, and any physical contact with others are violations of bus guidelines.
  6. Bus students will not be allowed to withdraw in between the session.
  7. Pay transport fee between 1st -15th every month else late fee fine will be charged i.e. Rs. 10 per day.
  8. Withdrawal form or acceptance for, the school transportation facility, should be brought to the notice of the school transport in-charge one month before.