“The vision of ”Mrs. Tara Mishra was in the line with that of Nelson Mandela who said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and that of Mahatma Gandhi who believed, “If you want to teach real peace in the world and if you want to fight a real war against war, you shall have to begin with the children” with these words of Mahatma Gandhi in mind. Mrs. Tara Mishra set the goals of her institution. Pt. Nagesh Dutt Public School and is consistently organizing educational events for students to prepare minds for peace.
A visionary and farsighted lady Mrs. Tara Mishra had been building bridges of peace across the globe Mrs. Tara Mishra believed in innate goodness of every living being. She was an educationist like no other. Her approach to problem which seem insurmountable was simple but effective. Her every action was guided by a very sense of divinity & spirituality and hence her every effort was arrived at improving the self relizing of the presence of the Almighty.
“Mrs. Tara Mishra through her noble deeds and conduct had always demonstrated the trust she had placed in people, displaying that generosity that opens up the mind and hear and so often leads to the accomplishments of major achievements at the very frontiers of making the impossible seem possible.”