It is said that life is a long journey that takes us down many winding roads, yet the most important steps come at an early age. Pt. Nagesh Dutt Public School swears to help young people set out on the right path and ensures that the path is smooth. It is not only our job but also our commitment. This trust involves teachers, students and parents working together to channelize a successful and happy course throughout life.
We strive to make every student self-reliant , self-disciplined and self confident so that they are able to meet all of their requirements. Here, the mission of the entire organization is not merely to educate, it is to prepare young people for the challenges and adversities that lie ahead as they embark their journey of lifelong learning.
The school is not a commercial enterprise as many would think. PTNDPS has embarked upon a very noble idea of providing free education to the under privileged students during and after the school hours. Innovative programs such as pertaining to the environment awareness are conducted regularly to imbibe a sense of duty among the students regarding the environmental issues.
The school is divided/shed into four different houses – Ashoka, Raman, Shivaji and Tagore to foster an environment for healthiest completion that will in turn cater to the needs of the overall growth of the students.