At Pt. NDPS Curriculum is given due importance as we believe that learning is not just about memorizing the contents but it should be based on understanding aspect with a practical approach . The emphasis is more on the overall development of the child, as we understand that schooling is the time in the life of every child, which influences their future. Child should focus not just on academics but also on lessons of life, character, ethics and values. We impart all these qualities in the children so that they emerge as responsible individuals.
Pt.NDPS has an integrated curriculum. The curriculum is concept oriented rather than exam oriented. The curriculum is designed keeping in view the overall development of a child. The classroom is the main center of the activities that are undertaken in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. The integrated curriculum not only concentrates on the academics but also on the qualitative development of every individual child.
Our strength lies in our ability to maintain the completeness of our progress, offering unique and inept options to each and every person and providing a way to evaluate every students learning to ensure that we all continue to grow and we remain conceptually accountable to our community.